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out about a thousand years ago. captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, january 14, 2013. good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. you know what? if you don't have it you probably nobody somebody who does. the flu has hit hard and early this season and the centers for disease control says it's now widespread in 47 states. while health officials say the spreading is slow, they warn that time is running out for protecting yourself. long lines for flu shots in boston. the city has been a hot spot for the flu this season. over the weekend nearly two dozen clinics were set up, offering free vaccinations. >> just to avoid the flu, getting sick. so -- and it's free. why not. >> whether or not they're free, supplies of flu shot are running slow. >> i had to get some
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prescriptions filled and i was counting on getting my flu shot, and they're out of flu shots. >> of the 135 million doses manufactured this year, at least 112 million have already been ministered. health experts say if you can get the shot, it will take two weeks for protection to kick in. >> it's still not too late to get your flu shot. what it does is makes the illness milder. >> the declaration allows pharmacists to vaccinate children between the ages of 6 months and 18 years. new york is one of 30 states to report flu-related deaths this season. at least 20 children have died. the flu is easy to spread. the germ can be anywhere, on gas pumps, atms, and, of course, door handles. and the obvious way to avoid getting the flu, steering clear of those who are exhibiting symptoms. >> coughing, sneezing, being in
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close proximity of someone with those symptoms, you can contract the flu. >> the flu is also turning out to be costly. employers estimate they will lose $10 billion in productivity this year. for the fourth night in a row, california suffered through some unusually cold and sometimes freezing temperatures. citrus growers are using water and wind machines to try to protect their crops from cold and frost. farmers say so far most orange and lemon crops avoided significant damage. in some parts of l.a. it was 30 degrees yesterday morning and temperatures near san francisco reached in the low 20s. to the debate now over gun control. in the aftermath of the newtown, connecticut, shooting residents held a meeting yesterday to decide what to i do what sandy hook elementary school. 20 students and six staff members were gunned down there. some want the school to be demolished others say it should be renovated. it's been exactly one month, and
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tomorrow vice president biden's task force on gun control is expected to send its recommendations to president obama but the national rifle association says a ban on assault rifles looks unlikely and gun sales are actually booming. susan mcginnis is in washington with the details. susan, good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. the recommendations don't come until tomorrow but just the prospect is having a big impact on gun sales. gun sales like this one in daly city, california, are packed with crowds one month after the shooting in newtown, connecticut. >> it looks like the political climate has created an artificial demand. >> official is across the country have seen an increase in sales as lawmakers decide on a gun ban. hundreds rallied in seattle yesterday in support of gun control. >> i think that there are more rational, reasonable people who understand the difference between assault weapons and, you
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know, other types of guns that you might have for hunting purposes. >> vice president joe biden will give president obama his recommendations for curbing gun violence tomorrow. they could include restrictions on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines as well as background checks on all gun buyers. the head of the national rifle association says he believes there's not enough support in congress to ban assault weapons. >> i would say that the likelihood is that they're not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> it's a view many republicans share, including senator john mccain who spoke on cbs's "face the nation." >> did you think an assaults weapons ban can pass the congress? >> no. >> do you think it should? >> no. >> the nra is pushing for laws that would restrict the mentally ill from owning guns. now, some in congress, including new york senator chuck schumer, want retailers like walmart which sells guns to take action ahead of congress to stop
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selling those assault weapons. terrell. >> susan mcginnis in washington. susan, good to see you. thank you so much. the hollywood foreign press association awarded the golden globes to the year's best in television. it's a clue of what's to come on oscar night. "les miserables" won and jessica chastain won best actress in a drama for her role in "zero dark thirty." but it was jodie foster's acceptance award for lifetime achievement award that has tinseltown buzzing. john blackstone has more. >> reporter: one of hollywood's most glamorous nights also had plenty of laughs. >> kathryn bigelow nominated tonight. i haven't really been following the controversy over "zero dark thirty," but when it comes to torture, i trust the lady who spent three years married to james cameron. >> reporter: two of entertainment's funniest women tina fey and amy poehler, teamed up to host the 70th annual
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golden globe awards while competing for best actress in a tv comedy. >> everybody's getting a little loose now that we're all losers. >> yeah. congratulations, lena. >> reporter: but the night belonged to edge-of-your-seat thrillers from "homeland." >> and the golden globe goes to "homeland." >> claire danes, "homeland." >> to the escape drama, "argo." >> best motion picture, "argo." >> ben affleck, "argo." >> these nominees are exceptional talents. i truly to god never expected i'd be in the same breath as them. >> reporter: ben affleck beat back huge competition to take home best director. the award may be evenly sweeter since he was snubbed for an ward nomination. >> and the award goes to daniel day-lewis. >> reporter: award's favorite won one. daniel day-lewis was honored for his portrayal of the nation's 16th president.
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the 42nd president bill clinton made a surprise appearance to introduce the film. another surprise came during actress jodie foster's acceptance speech with the cecilb. demill's lifetime achieve&award. she addressed long-time rumors of her sexuality. >> i already did my coming out about a thousand years ago back in the stone age. >> reporter: the ak lates don't stop here. the 85th academy awards to be handed out next month. john blackstone, cbs news, hollywood. coming up on the "morning news," not your ordinary day at the beach. a family witnesses an incredible weather phenomenon coming right at them. this is the "morning news." weather phenomenon coming right at them. this is the "morning news." living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. humira, adalimumab, can help treat more than just the pain. for many adults, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain
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from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks -- [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. a family enjoying a day at the beach down under took this video of this gigantic dust storm.
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it struck along the coast of western australia last wednesday. experts say this incredible red wave was born when wind and rain picked up dust from land creating this surreal weather event. the white house said the united states provided support to france during an attempted hostage mission in somalia. french commandos were trying to rescue a french native who had beeneld with an akai da group since 2009. the rescue mission began friday but french officials say it failed and that the hostage was killed along with one french commando. the u.s. is reportedly also providing communications and transportation support for france's attacks on islamic rebels in the western african nation of mali. mali is a former french colony. akai da-linked rebel groups have taken over the northern part of the country and are advancing on the capital. france is striking the rebels from the air and is sending in ground troops.
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charlie d'agata has the report. >> reporter: french fighter jets bombarded islamic strongholds in mali and officials vowed there will be many more air strikes to come to protect its former colony. france has deployed more than 500 troops to the western african nation to stop al qaeda-linked militants from turning it into a safe haven for terrorists. islamist militants seized control of the vast desert area in northern mali nine months ago. since then they've imposed an extreme form of shari'a law with public amputations and beatings are commonplace. mali's music, an important part of the country's culture, has been silenced. the militants have banned the annual music festival in timbuktu. national security analyst. >> what you have in mali is a safe haven for al qaeda, an aggressive terrorist group and organization and one that presents a threat to the stability of mali and the region. that explains why the french have decided to intervene now.
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>> reporter: france's decision to intervene is not without risk. the french government upped its terror alert at home and rebels have already threatened to attack french citizens. charlie d'agata, cbs news london. "cbs moneywatch" now. gas prices are on the rise, and wonder bread extends its shelf life. ashley morrison is here in new york with more on that. asian markets rallied on positive data for china's fourth quarter. hong kong he's hang sang gained half a percent while tokyo's nikkei is closed for a holiday. wall street awaits reports from some banks. jpmorgan chase, citigroup and bank of america. the dow ended last week up more than 53 points while the nasdaq gained almost 24 points. >> bad news for commuters if you're filling up your car before heading to work this morning. the national average for a gallon of gas is climbing once
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again, reversing months of steady declines. the lundberg survey reports the price surged 7 cents in the past three weeks. the national average is now at $3.32 a gallon. wonder bread might not be extinct after all. hoss tess is selling off most of its bread brands as part of its bankruptcy procedures. georgia-based flowers foods is expected to buy most of that business which includes the wonder and nature's pride brands for $390 million. hostess is expected to announce buyers for its snacks and dessert cakes over the next several weeks. and gm is showing offer its next generation corvette, and while you can get it in most colors, they will all be green. this is the 2014 corvette stingray unveiled yesterday in detroit. that's pretty sharp. it's the first new version of the american muscle car in nine years redesigned to meet government safety and fuel requirements which forced a leap in fuel economy.
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gm is not saying how much the new corvette will cost but, terrell, i can see you zipping around in that. looking good. >> until they actually say how much it costs. >> do a lot of test drives around town. >> ashley morrison here in new york. ash, good to see you. have a good one. straight ahead, your monday morning weather. and in sports the nfl's final four are set. we'll show you who will be playing for the right to go to the super bowl. r the right to go to the super bowl. [ ariel ] my mother was never into our coffee at all. she would only get a splash of coffee in her cup and then fill the rest up with cream and it -- mommy, what's going on? what are you doing? so when we did the blonde roast she finally went from a splash of coffee to only a splash of cream. and i thought that was so cool, i said "well she's enjoying this." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] sheets or bar,
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in new york, morning showers 58 degrees. some sun in miami, 80 degrees. mostly sunny in chicago, 23 degrees. partly sunny in dallas, 43, and sunny in l.a., 60 degrees. let's check your national forecast. expect showers in the northern mid-atlantic states and northeast today. it's part of the storm that will move to the southern mid-atlantic and virginia. a canadian clipper will bring snow in high elevations in the rockies. expect strong winds in southern california and the midwest stays mostly dry. in sports this morning 32 nfl teams are whittled down to just four. new england hosting houston in the afc divisional round. the texans had no answer for pats' running back shane vereen. first quarter, he cruises into the end zone from a yard out.
4:17 am
in the second he grabs an 8-yard touchdown pass from tom brady and in the fourth he catches a deep pass along the sidelines for his third touchdown of the game. new england win, 41-28. over in the nfc, looked like seattle was about to steal one. seahawks erase a 20-point deficit to take a one-point lead over atlanta. this is less than a minute to play here. the falcons get into field goal range with less than a second on the clock. matt o'brien sends it into field goal range. falcons win it by 30 of the 28. a rematch of last year's afc title game. baltimore travels to new england. that game starts at 6:30 eastern next sunday on cbs, and atlanta will host the 49ers in the nfc championship game. the winners meet in new orleans to decide super bowl xlvii. the big game, sunday, february 3rd. and the only place to watch it, right here on cbs. lance armstrong says he's ready to speak candidly. armstrong will be interviewed by
4:18 am
oprah winfrey today. he's expected to confess to doping, something he's denied for years. last year armstrong was stripped of all seven of his tour de france titles. they say he ran the, quote, most sophisticated professionalized doping program the sport has ever seen. when we come back on a monday, law and order. in a rare interview, the supreme court's sonia sotomayor opens up about her early struggles and a personal health issue. your opens up about her personal strugs and a previous health issue.
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chili's lunch combos starting at just 6 bucks. try our new southwestern mac and cheese with grilled chicken served with soup or salad. chili's lunch combos. starting at 6 bucks. more life happens here. expect it again tonight. how long this big chill will stick around. plus: a violent weekend in oakland. nearly a dozen people are gunned down in two days. the drastic measures being considered by the city today. and the lockout's lifted... but is there any love lost? how sharks fans are responding as the team hits the ice. join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's monday
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. in washington, light rain, 59 degrees. showers in atlanta, 60. partly sunny in st. louis, 27. partly cloudy in denver 21 and partly sunny in seattle, 39 degrees. it's rare to interview a sitting supreme court justice, but sonia sotomayor sat down with scott pelley to talk about her difficult past and how it
4:21 am
helped her achieve a bright future. in her first broadcast interview on "60 minutes" sonia sotomayor talked about her early diagnosis of diabetes and how it changed her life. >> reporter: her body would forever be dependent on insulin, but her ambitions were set free. >> i had a life in which i was in a hurry. >> how long did you expect to live? >> at that time it was not unusual for most juvenile diabetics to die in their 40s. >> and this was -- this was hanging over you? this was something you thought about. >> oh, i thought about it a lot, and i got in as much as i could do at every stage of my life. i studied very hard, i partied very hard, i loved playing very hard, and i did it all to try to pack in as much as i could. >> you can watch the entire interview online. just head to this is the "cbs morning news." to this is the "cbs morning news."
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they closed the streets and struck up the band for a full rehearsal in washington sunday for president obama's public inaugust yags. yep, they're planning early. that ceremony taking place in a week. later on the stage in front of the capitol, a stand-in for the president took a mock look of office along with a look-alike first lady michelle obama. as many as a million people are expected to attend president obama's swearing in for his second term. high rollers who are looking for a way to view this special event may want to consider a new option that's being offered this year. bill plante tested it out. >> reporter: for washington hotels creating inauguration packages is a standing tradition. >> they try to create these experiences, and this year is no different. >> reporter: it's in that spirit that meredith goldberg of the madison hotel decided to offer her clients something new.
4:25 am
this year's package is $47,000. it includes four nights in a presidential suite, a car, a driver, and a social media butler. what's a social media butler? >> it's a dedicated social media pro who's available to help record memories from the inauguration weekend. >> will you really do their tweets for them? >> i will. if they want to tell me what to tweet. >> reporter: victoria divine will do it all, twitter, facebook, instagram. >> afterward you can look back and see your adventures and your family and friends who aren't with you can follow along. >> reporter: so they can be jealous. >> real-time jealousy. >> reporter: in the spirit of a re-time high roller i decided to try it out. this is my tweet. my producer made me do it. here i am sitting at the bar in a hotel pretending i'm the very rich customer who bought this package, which includes a social
4:26 am
media butlering and the bartender is going to offer me what? >> we have a couple of inaugural-inspired cocktails. death and taxes. >> social media butler, are you typing all of this. >> i'm typing as fast as i can. >> reporter: now i get to taste it and then i get to tell my social media butler how i liked it. and the verdict is in. refreshing. next to the viewing stand where donors and v.i.p.s will watch the inaugural parade with the president. if i were in this spot, what would do you for me? >> the first thing would be to definitely record the moment with a photo. >> reporter: look, everybody, i'm here in front of the white house and the inaugural reviewing stand. all of you people at home be very jealous. no one has purchased the package yet, but there have been inquiries. if you want the social media butler to be part of your inaugural experience, you'd better act fast. it's time to go back to my day job and say good-bye to my social media butler. thank you very much for your
4:27 am
service. >> you're very welcome. it was my pleasure. >> inauguration won't be the same without her to say nothing of my inaugural tweet. >> reporter: bill plant, cbs, washington. >> you've got to be kidding me. that's the "morning news" for this monday morning. i'm terrell brown. thank you, everybody. -- captions by vitac --
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning, it's monday, january 14. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 4:30 on this monday. >> yeah. the big chill is here to stay for now at least. >> i guess so. temperatures are dropping as we wrap up another night of freezing weather. let's check in with our meteorologist who is right here, boy, it was chilly this morning. >> you know it's cold when there is a frost advisory in the city of san francisco. that doesn't happen very often
4:29 am
but that's what we have now. we are looking at freezing temperatures developing around the bay area. if you are headed out the door, some very cold air settling in overhead. look at the way the wind direction is blowing. that's an offshore wind so we're catching that cold arctic air dropping into the bay area and the temperatures are going to be very weather is chilly. freeze warnings in the bay area lows into the 20s and 30s until about 9:00 this morning and that's when we should begin to see things thaw out. it is clear over the bay as we speak. temperatures now not too bad. but still dropping right at this hour. 31 degrees in concord. it is 39 in san jose. wide suppress frost around the -- widespread frost around the area. tonight probably not quite as cold. elissa harrington is out in the freezing temperatures.

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